Back on Track

Welcome back to all!  Happy New Year!

It’s been a long time away and many things have taken place since the last post here.  I am ashamed of myself for having such a long hiatus from the website.  In my defense, things have been happening and I am now the Head Women’s Athletic Trainer at Yeshiva University, providing sports medicine care to the DIII athletes on 7 women’s teams (and occasionally the men’s teams).  This has significantly decreased my availability for per diem athletic training coverage and, I must say, I miss the kids at BMCC.  But onward to new adventures!  We are currently pushing hard to get the women’s fitness facility revamped and up to par with the men’s facility and it is very slow going.  It’s a shame because what they currently have available to the female athletes, or anyone that wants to be healthy, is unacceptable.  Fortunately I have the help of another talented personal trainer, Mike Wolf, who is the Strength & Conditioning Coach for YU.  Hopefully we can make a dent.

Also, after too many months of d*cking around in the gym doing whatever, I sat down and wrote out a year-long, periodized training program for myself that will extend through Spring rugby and Summer 7’s up to next Fall rugby season.  I’m excited to see it all the way through and have been good about sticking to it (minus a detour for illness).  I got through some GPP for a few weeks and I’m still in the hypertrophy phase right now and – I’m not going to lie – can’t wait to be out of it.  It sucks.  Get me back to 5 reps asap!  I would love to hear what any of you are up to with your work out plans and progress.

welcome back!

To get things going again, I’ve posted a quick and easy tip for beginning your deadlifts.  Enjoy!