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“As a personal trainer, it’s my job to observe my clients’ form and to correct it where needed. I appreciate Dana’s eagle eye and unflagging patience when it comes to my own deviations from proper exercise form. She embodies the traits I have come to recognize in the trainers I respect the most: punctuality, preparedness and a depth of knowledge. I also appreciate a dry sense of humor that can make me smile through an exhausting workout. Dana has a stunning knowledge of kinesiology and exercise science. Her initial assessment of me was exhaustive. As a result, she recommended exercises and stretches to address imbalances and range-of-motion limitations, including my scoliosis. Much of what I teach my own clients is based in functional training. That’s what I know best. Working with Dana twice a week is expanding this repertoire into weight lifting and newer (harder) ways to do old familiar exercises. My clients are reaping the benefits, while I feel the strongest I’ve ever been. At age 63, that’s not nothin’!”
Top Qualities: Punctuality, Preparedness, Knowledge
-Carol F.


“Dana is personable, she offers a good value, she has always been on-time, and is totally trustworthy.

She has worked magic with my hip and back problems. I have been having back and hip pain for 10 or more years. I have tried many things, but my hip and back just got worse — I have seen doctors, who have prescribed physical therapy that helped temporarily; I have used a special backpack to offload weight from my back to my hips; I have had X-rays, with a diagnosis of arthritis. However, no one has found a way to eliminate the pain, until now.

Working with Dana, my hip problems have gone away completely and the back pain is greatly alleviated. I can do things I never thought I could do again, without fear of hurting myself. She has paid close attention to my comments about what hurts and when and has diagnosed the problem correctly and found the appropriate exercises to fix it. She also has made recommendations for how I deal with every-day activities — from sitting positions, to sleeping positions, to how to stand up — that also help. I am generally pain-free for a few days after working out with her, and at this point the only thing that seems to aggravate my back is sitting in front of my computer.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
-Nancy G. – OTS Fitness client since 2010


“Before seeing Dana, I often experienced painful back issues aggravated by hours of sitting as a therapist. Dana’s strengthening and stretching exercises helped me alleviate that pain. She persevered to correct my posture and gave me exercises out of the gym. She was encouraging even when I was intimated, and motivated me with positive feedback. I can’t thank her enough!”
Top Qualities: Encouragement, Expertise, Reliability
-Xi L.


“Ive been going to gyms for years now, and always working out on my own. I tended to stick with cardio machines, as they were easy to use. I always felt out of place around free weights, and that I would be judged by the “body-builders” around me. Things changed immediately after my first training session with Dana. With her sports medicine and athletic training background, she spoke to me first and foremost about the importance of weight training alongside cardio for weight loss. I had been trying to lose weight for a while, and she explained concisely how building muscle was critical in the weight loss process. I was apprehensive at first being that I never used any type of free weights prior, but in just a few short weeks, I would be at the gym by myself going straight to the weight bars as if it had always been the natural choice.

Dana’s training style is unique and creative. My heart rate is always up, and she always pushes me further than I think I can go. I leave the gym feeling like I truly accomplished something after each and every session. Following Dana’s fitness plan, I have lost weight, and have more strength, stamina and endurance then I did before. She has been a great support system as well, always encouraging me and checking up on my progress. I constantly recommend Dana to my friends, family, and teammates, and believe that if you want results, there is no one better to train with.”
Top qualities: Knowledgeable, Driven, Motivated
-Kimberly G.

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