A customized workout plan is developed for each individual based on the initial assessment performed during the first session.  This allows us to pinpoint the most productive exercises and stretches for you, based on your specific physical needs and exercise goals.  We perform periodic reassessments to ensure we are meeting our goals. Below are some examples of how this could be applied to more efficiently achieve the desired results.

Weight Loss/General Fitness: bodyweight work for improved core strength; heart rate training for maximum calorie burn; strength training to increase muscle mass

Individual Sports Focus: determine specific physical demands of the particular sport and areas of improvement via sport testing; balance and body control training for improved agility; flexibility and strength training for improved performance and injury prevention

Physical Rehabilitation: use advanced assessments to diagnose underlying causes of chronic injuries for permanent resolution and prevention of future disability; regain symmetry of joint mobility; reverse muscle atrophy via strength training to return to previous physical state and beyond!

Any of the programs may include the use of: barbells and other free weights, kettlebells, suspension straps, plyo boxes, resistance bands, weight vests, heart rate monitors, and more.